Plot Duckies

Plot Duckies started as an event business – to help writers capture their creativity. I still have events (which you can find on the main website), but I’m also finding other ways to help writers.

I’m Sonja Dewing and I love helping writers. A few years ago, I started as a liaison for the National Novel in a Month (basically inspiringand helping others write 50,000 words in November) and then I started a writer’s review group to help as many as I could continue with their writing projects. I hand out little rubber ducks as a bit of inspiration and call them Plot Duckies – hence the name.

The evolution to events happened when I attended another standard, boring writer’s conference. Sitting on my butt all weekend was kind of annoying. I didn’t get any real experience or knowledge from being there and as a Custom Training Developer, I know that the best way to learn is through doing.

I also have over fifteen years of experience as a Trainer, Instructional Designer, and Event Coordinator. I’m excited to create a subscription box for you!

My own Writing Process?

I run a writing review group. They like to call themselves “Sonja’s Angry Writers”. It has something to do with me coming from roller derby practice before I come to the meetings and I’m honored that they named it after me. I’ve been working with and running writing review groups for years and I know that having an honest and fair group of reviewers is the best way to learn to be a better writer.

I’m also really excited that my first novel, Toy of the Gods, was published by Creativia. 

FAQ about the subscription boxes

~Will boxes be ready for Christmas 2017?   I wish! I was planning on it, but my novel was published in December, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on marketing. Plus, it took longer to get the website completed than planned. So, if you want this as a Christmas gift, order it before December 18, check the gift selection, and I’ll send a card to the shipping address listed letting them know their gift starts in January.

~What will be the standard shipping dates?  All orders ship on the 15th of the month starting January 2018 (must be ordered by the 10th of the month; anything ordered after the 10th will start shipping the next month).